Why Do Healers Get Ill & Die?

The last 5 years has seen the death toll of holistic healers and naturopaths in the US skyrocket. These were mostly violent deaths, staged to look like suicide, but often with telltale blunders, such as the holistic doctor who supposedly shot himself in the head twice, and the healer who drowned himself, even though he […]


A light in the darkness. Of all the petition organisations, I love AVAAZ the best. That’s because there is no sense of being advertised to, you never get mails you don’t want, and I’ve seen other petition organisations copy AVAAZ‘s campaigns then claim the victory as their own. When things seem bleak, I sign a […]

What Is Magic?

Magic is the effect that you cause when you intend something to happen, and for no reason you can explain, it happens. For example, I saw a Volvo estate car, and I thought: “I need a car just like that, I can see myself with a car just like that.” And now I have one. […]

Planet Healing Meetup Event

I gave up reading the newspaper, watching tv and being on social media because basically it just got me too depressed. Nothing sells newspapers like misery, and I can really live without that. From time to time a little snippet of just how awful people are manages to trickle down under the rock in the […]