Hello, my name is Elise.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, I practice guided healing. Read more about how I practice on the HEALING page.



Yes, I have a YouTube Channel! I still haven’t worked out how to get beautiful thumbnails, as you can see… however, please subscribe and get regular insights into the world of healing and Tarot.

Reiki attunements are now ¥10,000 each!

How can you resist?! Check the LEARN REIKI page for more details.


The next workshop is in Yokohama on Sunday October 15 from 15:00 to 17:00. The focus will be on mental and emotional body hygiene protocols, or what to do when you are falling apart. Click the image for more info.

51% of greenhouse gasses are caused by livestock farming.

When you eat meat, dairy, fish, eggs etc, or buy animal products, you directly contribute to the biggest cause of global warming: livestock farming. Click on the picture to read the article. If there were one more sign you needed to go vegan, THIS IS FREAKING IT!!!

Meridian Tracing Exercise

Kinesiology is a healing modality that helps to give people a renewed sense of vitality, freedom from physical and emotional pain, and a better, clearer view of their life’s purpose. Along with other healing techniques, the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine are traced along the body. The video above clearly shows how to trace the meridians on yourself, in under 5 minutes! Thank you to Kinesiology Asia for posting.

Graham Hancock, in all his manifestations.

Graham Hancock at his absolute, incendiary best, in this banned TEDx Talk.

About me:
I’m British, I live in Yokosuka, Japan. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Tarot professional.

  • Read my blog. I write it to help people make informed choices about healthcare, and explore the mysterious links between mind, body and soul.
  • Check my Pins. Archetypal images have the power to change lives, don’t you know?
  • Visit my Tarot website, Star Tarot. Get guidance directly from your Higher Self, see the world around you from a different perspective, and experience just how interested “Up There” is in your welfare.

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