Hello, my name is Elise Mori.

I’m a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, I practice guided healing and I carry Tarot cards around with me.

My friends frequently tell me just how weird that makes me sound, but my happy, satisfied clients say ALL the good things. Check out my amahzing feedback HERE.


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51% of greenhouse gasses are caused by livestock farming.

If you couldn’t kill her or even watch her being killed, why are you eating her?

Meridian Tracing Exercise

Kinesiology is a healing modality that helps to give people a renewed sense of vitality, freedom from physical and emotional pain, and a better, clearer view of their life’s purpose. Along with other healing techniques, the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine are traced along the body. The video above clearly shows how to trace the meridians on yourself, in under 5 minutes! Thank you to Kinesiology Asia for posting.

Graham Hancock, in all his manifestations.

Graham Hancock at his absolute, incendiary best, in this banned TEDx Talk.

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