Manifesting, the Elise way

 via GIPHY Many people have a favourite manifesting process, so I thought I’d share mine too, because it seems to work well enough for me. Before we get into the details, here are the 4 basic steps: 1. Take a candid look at your situation now, and really experience it fully. 2. Imagine what […]

Why Do Healers Get Ill & Die?

The last 5 years has seen the death toll of holistic healers and naturopaths in the US skyrocket. These were mostly violent deaths, staged to look like suicide, but often with telltale blunders, such as the holistic doctor who supposedly shot himself in the head twice, and the healer who drowned himself, even though he […]


A light in the darkness. Of all the petition organisations, I love AVAAZ the best. That’s because there is no sense of being advertised to, you never get mails you don’t want, and I’ve seen other petition organisations copy AVAAZ‘s campaigns then claim the victory as their own. When things seem bleak, I sign a […]

What Is Magic?

Magic is the effect that you cause when you intend something to happen, and for no reason you can explain, it happens. For example, I saw a Volvo estate car, and I thought: “I need a car just like that, I can see myself with a car just like that.” And now I have one. […]

Planet Healing Meetup Event

I gave up reading the newspaper, watching tv and being on social media because basically it just got me too depressed. Nothing sells newspapers like misery, and I can really live without that. From time to time a little snippet of just how awful people are manages to trickle down under the rock in the […]

Middle East Peace Intention Experiment

Tomorrow, Thursday 9 November, join thousands of people globally to intend peace in the Middle East. As you know, the power of our intention as individuals is enormous, but as a collective we are well-nigh unstoppable. Visit Lynne McTaggart’s website and join in on the experiment HERE.

The Reset Button

There is this process I go through when I feel really down, really awful, really angry, etc. Drink half a litre of water; not cold or iced water, either body temperature or hot water. There are many reasons for this, but I won’t go into them now. Do NOT identify what it is that is […]

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

Picture: Into The Gloss What if your body had an amazing system of pinpointing inner health issues? Like an accurate map of your insides, that somehow was on the outside for you to see? And what if the more urgent this problem became, the more it showed up boldly on this map? In a way […]

What are you, five years old?

blood orange margarita It’s been a long while since I last refused to eat my vegetables on the grounds that they are vegetables. Now we are adult and responsible for our own nutrition, there is no need to force yourself to sit at the table until you have eaten every. Single. Mouthful. of by-now cold […]

You’re happy to wash your hair with it, every day. It gets in your eyes, mouth, in the pores of your skin. Do you know how harmful it is?

People don’t want to be lied to about what’s good for them.   I was going to write a long post about the dangers of the chemicals that are put into shampoo, soap, toothpaste and so on. But as I was doing my research I came across Chris Kresser’s article about exactly that, and I […]

The Absolute, Final Word on GMOs

Finally, an end to the polemic. The World According To Monsanto, directed by Marie-Monique Robin. I’m giving you two versions: 1. This is the original version in French 2. Here is the English version – dubbed and with subtitles. When you’ve finished watching, please share on Facebook. It’s important that as many people as possible […]

Beat negativity now

Yes yes yes we all wish we could be in the Matrix movie and just sit in a dentist’s chair, have someone plug us into the mainframe and bam we can fly a Sikorsky, speak Mandarin and Cantonese, and know fifty ways to turn a sock heel (it’s a knitting thing). But no. Meanwhile, back […]

Why we get ill

It’s probably true to say that more than anyone Dr. Candace Pert has influenced my ideas about what it means to be healthy. Her idea is that every system of the body communicates with all other systems, and all the systems work together symbiotically to make a fully-functioning whole. None of this could work if […]

ADHD Is A Super-Power.

Me and my son last month in Nawlins restaurant,  Yokosuka. Long story short, my son was diagnosed with “low level, high-functioning autism” three years ago, aged 15. He only scored 15 out of 18 out of the bullet list below because he was not hyperactive. In the past, you could have said about him: Fails […]

Hearing Your Inner Voice

    Find out how to make these Oreo Cheesecakes on Nerdy Nummies. They are my favourite dessert of all time.   Bruce Lipton, in The Biology Of Belief, tells how cultivated human cells in a petri dish instinctively gravitate and grow towards substances that would nourish them, and shrink and grow away from poison. […]

Water Is Intelligent

What kind of water you drink and use?   I used to know an environmental lawyer who boiled his pasta in spring water. He knew more than the average boyo about environmental issues and refused point blank to use tap water for anything but having a bath – not in tea, not for rice, nothing. […]

Liver detox 101

Let’s talk about: the symptoms of toxicity how liver toxicity occurs how the liver detoxes itself and … how to help that process along So first of all, do I even need to detox my liver? Very often, there’s nothing that we can pinpoint as a definite sign that we need to detox the liver, […]

Butter Is Good For You.

It’s a well-known fact that the three secrets of great French cooking are: butter, butter and butter (thank you Catherine Zeta Jones in No Reservations) but, despite that, French people just don’t get that many heart attacks. Why is that, we wonder? After my father – now 83 – had a triple heart by-pass 10 […]

The Start of Something Big

The female pharaoh Hapshetsu Welcome to the Lotusforest blog, the home of effective, safe, plant-based body care. It seems right that I should begin this blog with the story of how the Egyptian dynasties emerged from nomadic tribes in the North African dessert. Over to you, Hermitage Oils: ONCE UPON A TIME … (about labdanum). […]