Everything you say is an affirmation

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi
Listen to the words that habitually come out of your mouth. What kinds of words and phrases do you say often? If you say: “That’s so annoying” you create more annoyance. If you say the word: “that guy’s an idiot”, you create more idiotic people. I know a woman who shouted out: “I need a break!” and within five minutes she had fallen over and broken her leg – difficult for her as she had two small children and full-time job as a human rights lawyer. How often do you complain about your company / job / spouse / children / the government?

Try to say only positive words for a whole day. Instead of “I hate crowded trains in the morning” try to find something you like: “That woman’s got a nice handbag” (one of my favourites) or: “I’m looking forward to the weekend, we’re going to have a great time.” When you are ill, try to work out why that’s a good thing. If saying difficult things is part of your work, such as giving people bad news, how does that impact on you? How can you change that?

 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 

John 1.

Everything is energy. Words are thought energy manifest in sound, on the way to becoming concrete matter.  You create with your words, that’s why affirmations work. Part of the Buddhists’ Noble Eightfold Path is skilful speech:

  • Finding alternatives to swearing
  • Speaking the truth
  • Being kind with your words
  • Being respectful with your words
  • Using speech to encourage
  • Remaining quiet when you have nothing to say

This is skilful speech – knowing what to say, knowing when to say it. Don’t say: “I can’t see anything anymore without my glasses,” or: “my lower back is playing up again”, instead send love to those areas of your body that need it. Don’t drag your body down with your words. 

Try this exercise:

Fill three glasses with tap water. To one glass, say: “I love you, you are beautiful. Thank you for nourishing my body.” To the other, say: “I hate you, you’re an idiot. What kind of idiot do you think you are, anyway?” Really feel what you are saying. Don’t do anything to the third glass – that’s the baseline water taste. Then taste the three glasses of water. Remember that we are at least 70% water. 

So how do we make an affirmation? 

  1. Use the present simple to make your affirmation. So, if you say: “I want more money!” what you are going to get is wanting more money. It sounds strange but what you could say is: “I have enough money, I am wealthy.” Likewise, if you say: “I’ll be rich soon” that’s in the future – you’ll always be looking at wealth as some future event, never in the present here and now.
  2. Don’t use negatives, always affirmatives. If you say: “No more debt” you will get debt. If you say: “I am learning how to manage my money effectively,” you get that – effective money management.
  3. It’s always about you. So if you say: “John is a sweet, loving and caring boyfriend,” he might eventually be all those wonderful things, but he might also end up being someone else’s sweet, loving man. Better to say: “My partner is caring, kind, considerate and fun” or whatever is important to you.
  4. Get the frequency right. How often should you affirm? Denise Duffield-Thomas says: “The difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that billionaires write their affirmations 5 times a day.” I write my affirmation once, then hide it. It’s amazing how often I come across pieces of paper with affirmations that I’ve written that have come true.
  5. Don’t cling to the outcome. Really focusing on and regularly visualising something is a key to making it happen, and saying your affirmation with power is also really important, but the more you go over and over what you want in a way that suggests wanting and not having is going to prevent you from achieving what you want. All you will get is more wanting and clinging.
  6. Believe it. If you make an affirmation that could never actually happen in reality – such as becoming a civil aviation pilot at the age of 96 – you will end up being disappointed! Make an affirmation that is right at the edge of what you could possibly believe in. Then, when you reach your goal, feel intense wonder and gratitude. You made it. Then re-set your affirmation to the next level.
  7. Live it. Breathe it. Be it. Feel it. Know it. Love it. Understand it. Know you are loved / wealthy / successful. Every time you see a man / woman you like the look of in the train, imagine strongly what it would feel like to have him or her in your life. Imagine them turning to you and saying: “Next stop is our stop, baby.” Imagination is a key that unlocks manifesting.
  8. Do the work. Affirmations and belief are 50% of the work, the other half is doing the work yourself in a real world to make things happen. What you want in your life – a great bank account, a super lover, a wonderful career – wants you. But we are in a physical universe, so get out there and follow the steps that will lead you to where you want to go, the affirmations help

    you like rocket fuel.

  9. Ignore, ignore, ignore the things and people that prevent you from manifesting what you want. Don’t descend to their level, just ignore. They are entitled to their beliefs and reality, you are entitled to yours. If you are in a relationship with that person, it doesn’t matter what they think or believe, as long as you remain the centre of your own universe, and the things you say empower you.
  10. Love where you are now. Feeling the affirmation in the present moment is key, being in a state of gratitude brings more gratitude. I’ve made affirmations at times of crisis when I was really not in a great place that came true, but the more love and gratitude you can muster when you make the affirmation the more likely you are to get what you want.
  11. Stop apologising for things that aren’t your fault. That’s passive agressivity, and it’s only effective for one thing: giving you more things to apologise for.

So what has helped you to make an affirmation become reality? Do you agree or disagree with this post? Have you ever accidentally manifested something through your words? Share in the comments box below.

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