Here are some of the wonderful things people have said about me:

“Elise provided a peaceful setting to put my mind and body at ease.

During a busy business trip, made even less bearable due to my chronic pain, the session with her was even better than a trip to the onsen (hot springs).

I would recommend her healing touch for anyone.

Lance, L.A.

“Your healing made me feel relaxed and released my tension and stress.
It made my body and soul light and clear.

I would say it’s a “soul detox” for me. Elise’s healing is good for “soul and stress maintenance”.

After her healing, my soul, mind, as well as my body’s feelings, all became light, clear, soft and kind, her healing took my all negative thinking and bad stress away.

Anyone who is having busy and stressful work or personal life, no matter whether you actually are having a problem in life or not, you would benefit from Elise’s healing, as well as anyone who wants to keep their mind and body clear and in good condition.”

Minako, Film producer, L.A.

“Your healing, counsel and ideas from yesterday have left me feeling cleared and recharged. Not exactly recharged, as it actually feels like I’m getting my energy from a new source and processing things in a different, positive, fresh way. Feels like I have a new spring in my step! Thank you so much for everything, you were surely born to heal.”

S, Tokyo, Japan.

“I had my first ever energy healing session with Elise this year. It came at a time where I really needed it and it was so helpful to me spiritually. It is such a relaxing experience and in conjunction with affirmations and meditation, it has really helped me overcome a difficult time in my life emotionally. Elise is also very caring and tells you what you need to do to overcome the issue that you are having.

I plan to have tune-up sessions in the future to make sure my chakras remain balanced and my energy keeps flowing as it should.


Thanks Elise!”

Vanessa, Tokyo, Japan

“It was great that you were willing to be flexible in the session so we could start with the tarot, or other options such as talking. It was helpful to tell you my basic situation and where I’m coming from and it also helped me to know that you’ve had a similar experience in term of getting away from family. It was really useful to hear your belief that children should separate from their parents and move into their own lives. It opened up a new possibility for me in thinking about my family.

The tarot was a good chance to make a connection with you and as a warm up sort of thing. The reading itself didn’t resonate with me a great deal, but that doesn’t really matter.

Your explanations about what you were going to do were great, there were no surprises. I know you were wanting to be respectful of my physical and emotional privacy, which was considerate, but it wasn’t something I was concerned about.

During the energy work part, I sometimes felt pressure in the area where I guess your hands were. At the start, it was really noticeable around my head. Much of the time I didn’t feel anything and I didn’t know when you were working on particular chakras.

Yesterday, there was a subtle positive shift in how I feel. A particular issue in my life has been weighing on me and yesterday I was able to make a positive decision for myself and communicate my thoughts with the person involved. I felt lighter and more positive afterwards. In the afternoon I was able to concentrate on my work and be calm, which has been difficult lately. The sense I have is that my energy is slowly shifting toward balance.”

Kareena, New York.