Planet Healing

If you feel overwhelmed by world events, and you would love to do something but you really don’t know what, I devised this meditation with help from Hands Of Light, the book by Barbara Brennan. In true Zen style, there is no knowing how effective this is, you cannot measure your success! However, what is amazing is the instant karma you most certainly will experience after doing this only a few times – I’m serious! Have a go, it’s really refreshing.

  1. Dedicate your meditation to the bodhisattvas, the good of the universe, the liberation of all beings, anything you like but you should make a dedication at the beginning of this practice.
  2. You go into a meditative state; I just sit for a while, about 10 minutes of focusing on breath, body, awareness, here and now… I think that for this you really need to be sitting up straight or standing, lying down doesn’t quite make it for me. If you have problems sitting up straight use a chair with a back.
  3. Then in your tan dien, visualise a ball of light, that’s growing. It’s warm and beautiful. I visualise it as yellowy-orange, but I’m guessing any colour that you like is good! Let the ball expand and surround you like an sphere. This is your protection, and you know that nothing can penetrate this that is not for your express good, i.e.: guardian angels etc. are the only ones!
  4. Now you visualise a ray of white light that comes down from the universe. It’s come from beyond the grid of Christ Consciousness, it’s the Source beaming down on you. It stops just above the top of your head. There, it activates the crown chakra. Your crown chakra is expanded into a big white ball of light. I like to see it as a huge, puffy flower, a bit like a dahlia but with finer petals, more like a dahlia crossed with a snowflake… anyway, let your imagination really go to town on this.
  5. After a few moments when you have really let the white ray of light permeate your crown chakra, and you have fully rested in that, allow the light to come down to your pineal gland, your inner eye. There again, you allow the chakra to fully open and revolve, let your imagination go. I love to see all my chakras as white, but you know, whatever feels good to you.
  6. And so on, go through the major seven chakras (throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and perineum) each time resting in the feeling that this white light is suffusing the chakra and allowing it to blossom and rotate.
  7. When they are all done, the white light continues to descend through the floor, through any floors downstairs, somehow miraculously avoids other people and their pets! and on through into the earth, then through the earth’s mantle, crust, magma layer, then into the core of the planet.
  8. Now you are making a connection between heaven and earth : as above, so below. You are the conduit for God’s love on this earth, you are channelling that now. Woooo.
  9. The white hot core of the planet is now sending energy back up through the white line of light, imagine it coming back, up through the layers, through your building foundations, through you, until it comes to rest at a point in your body you feel comfortable with. For me, depending on the day (this is not very scientific!) I choose either my tan dien or my heart chakra. I allow the earth’s energies and the heaven’s energies to meld in this point, like a blend of yin and yang. It’s very cool.
  10. At this point, feel a crown of energy around the top of your head, like a wreath or a cloud. This is your consciousness, and you visualise yourself looking down on yourself from just above your head. This is why you made the protective orb around yourself earlier, because you want to feel secure while you travel through the galaxy. Your consciousness sees your body as just a big lump of meat, an extraneous but for the time being necessary accessory. You love your body but right now you don’t need it. If you have a power / totem animal that accompanies you, now is the time to call on them. You can also call on spirit guides, if you have contact with them already, but if not, it’s not a problem.
  11. Your consciousness is now looking down on your body from the ceiling, then it goes through the ceiling and is on top of your building. You look down on your building, then as your consciousness rises, on your street, then your neighbourhood, city, state, country, continent and finally the world. See the world turning, see the beauty of the light on the planet, the clouds and land masses. You may become aware of other beings all around also channelling love onto the planet. You may see yourself in a circle with them.
  12. Meanwhile, back on earth, your physical body is going to extend it’s hands, palms outwards, either side of your body, as though you were flat against a wall and you are pushing away from the wall. Your hands will probably move to the correct position automatically as your spirit guides guide you, but essentially they are just outside the line of your shoulders and just in front of your body. Your consciousness feels the love of the heaven and earth, channelling through you, beam onto the globe. You may visualise it as white, gold, or purple light, I usually go for whitish-gold.
  13. Allow this beam to carry on doing it’s thing, sending eternal, unwavering, limitless love and healing to the planet. Let your feelings of gratitude for your incarnation, for the planet, well up and join the feelings. You will find that your arms do not become tired, that your posture does not slump, that in your physical body you are awake and aware, and in your conscious mind you are awake and aware also. If your mind wanders – as it will, of course – that’s totally not a problem, you have not failed! bring yourself back gently and with love to your task.
  14. After about 20 minutes you will “know” that you are now going to stop. But if want to stop before, that’s obviously fine, or if you want to go on for longer, just go ahead. Your hands will come down to rest, you will see your country in more detail, then your area, city, neighbourhood, building, the inside of your room. You will come back into yourself.
  15. Now is the time to regain awareness of your breath, your body, your surroundings. The orb around you shrinks back into a point of light inside your tan dien. If you want to perform any prayers or devotions, now is a good time.
  16. Re-dedicate your action to the bodhisattvas, or whatever force you dedicated it to at the beginning. Bow in reverence. It’s done. You will feel light-headed so a snack or meal is recommended, to bring you back into your real body.

Any merit I accrue from this meditation is dedicated to the Bodhisattvas. May all the universe be liberated.