Manifesting, the Elise way


Many people have a favourite manifesting process, so I thought I’d share mine too, because it seems to work well enough for me. Before we get into the details, here are the 4 basic steps:

1. Take a candid look at your situation now, and really experience it fully.
2. Imagine what you want instead.
3. Experience the relief of getting what you want
4. Imagine yourself looking back on where you were in step 1, and how you are feeling now, as though it were years later.
5. Keep that gratitude coming.

If you think: “Oh, that’s not good. I don’t have an imagination,” never fear. Just pretend or intend to imagine, that’s enough.

So now let’s go through each step in detail.

Step 1. Experience the situation you want to change.

Let’s imagine you want a new car, because at the moment you don’t have a car. Think about everything that’s wrong with your life now because you don’t have a car. Maybe you have to walk or take a bus everywhere; perhaps it rains a lot where you live, and cycling is boring. You have to trudge back from work / the supermarket with huge bags of shopping. Really feel the annoyance, irritation, wet feet, jealousy, sorrow, whatever it is about your current situation that you don’t like.

Perhaps you would like a person in your life that you can be intimate with, but at the moment your current partner just doesn’t like intimacy, or is mean or hurtful. In step 1, feel the emotions that you have now, the pain, sorrow, frustration, anger.

Step 2. Now think about what it is that you would like instead.

So perhaps you are fed up with your current status of having to walk everywhere, or taking expensive Ubers. You really need a car. As if you were a child, pretend you are in the car that you want. Close your eyes – or not, if that’s more comfortable for you – and imagine the indicator, lights, steering wheel. Imagine the smell of the upholstery, the sound of the door closing, the sound of the locks. Be very specific about everything, and add more colour, deeper, richer smells, more satisfying sounds and delightful sensations, such as parking in front of your house, reaching over for your bag, getting out and in a second you’re indoors.

Remember to be very positive, not negative. You’re not focusing on what you don’t want, for example you don’t focus on debt, your current crappy travel arrangements, the sorrow your current partner makes you feel. NO! Only on what you actually, do want. So we don’t say: “freedom from debt”, we say: “an excellent relationship with money”.

If you can, imagine all of the good things you want being projected onto a screen, possibly a YouTube video, or at the cinema, or in your living room on a screen with a projector humming behind you. Be very visual, try to experience everything sensorially. This is the brain part of the exercise.

Step 3. Feel the emotions of what you want.

Now we get to the emotions, the gut feelings of what you want. Maybe having a great car will make you feel sexy, or satisfied, or contented, or grateful. Maybe it’ll make you feel relieved, joyous, peaceful with the world. Really bathe in those emotions, let them wash over you. Enjoy those feelings of contentment and satisfaction. Really get into it.

One key point is to feel the relief of being in your new situation. When we feel relief, we tend to sigh a lot, and breathe really deeply. Try to breathe / sigh as though you were feeling so incredibly relieved that you’ve finally got what you want.

Step 4. Look back at what you’ve achieved.

Imagine it’s a few years from now, and you’re looking back on yourself getting the new car. Imagine remembering how it felt to be struggling home on the bus with two huge bags of heavy shopping and walking home in the rain from the bus-stop. Remember how incredible it felt to be in your new car, how joyous you were, remember those emotions of satisfaction and wellbeing as though you’re looking back on a past event. And whatever you do, don’t forget to feel gratitude for everything that happened, and how well everything turned out.

Step 5. Even more gratitude

As you see your world changing into one that’s more in line with what you want, you will experience that change as a broadening river, or a snowball. At first, you’ll get tiny, mini indications that your actions are paying off. And the more you acknowledge your success, the more success you’ll get. Don’t hate yourself if things go wrong, it’s fine. Eventually, you will be the magic, everything will come to you without your even knowing that you wanted or needed it. Every time you see the world changing and shaping itself according to what you want, acknowledge it and say thanks, preferably aloud. Feel relief, satisfaction and thanks for your new, improved situation.

Finding 1 pence on the floor is a sign! Soon, you’ll start to find an extra tenner in your wallet that you forgot you had, people will be more smiley and happy to help you. Instead of having to shell out tons for a particular thing, it’ll come to you for free. For example, today I went to Goodrich Castle in Monmouthshire. The woman selling tickets told me that I didn’t have to buy a ticket, just go in. When I asked her for change to buy a pay and display car park ticket, she just smiled and told me not to worry about it.

Be grateful to whatever you believe in, to God, to Source, to the Universe, to Elise, even! just remember to say thanks. Because if you do a favour to someone and they don’t thank you, that’s sucky. Even if you didn’t do it in order to get thanks, not getting thanks is annoying. So be grateful, act grateful, and more good things will come your way.

Some extra details:

  • Turbo-charge Step 1 in a bath. Run a bath, then get really upset, worried, sad, annoyed, irritated while soaking away in your bath. Then when you’ve finished washing, pull the plug on your bath and whilst you’re still in the bath, watch the water draining away. Don’t get out of the bath until all the water is out. For even extra bells and whistles, add Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Soda and Sea Salt – about 1 tablespoon of each.
  • Focus on the result you want, not how you’re going to achieve that. For example, if you want a new car, focus on how it’ll be once you get the car, not on getting money for a car.
  • Do the whole 4-step process at least once a day, until you can actually feel for real how your life is changing. You can do the bath ritual once only, that’s probably enough.
  • You can change the nature of your relationships like this. If you have a problematic relationship in your life (who doesn’t?) go through the above steps, focusing on the emotions the relationship is causing you now, and how you want to feel about that relationship in the future. You’re not using black magic to impact on what other people are doing, you’re changing your own reality. For example, if you want your co-workers to be more friendly, or your boss to be more kind, or your partner to be more loving, use this technique and get the relationships you want.
  • Using the above method, I’ve manifested a really great relationship with money, a car, a dog, some excellent vibes, plane tickets and tons more. So if you have any questions or comments, don’t forget to comment below. Let me know how it goes!

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