Secret Beauty Hacks (and Product Tips) for Boys and Girls

Because  Feeding Your Skin by Carla Oateswe are all fed up with being sold stuff to slather on our skin that is full of cancerous crap, tested on animals that are tortured to death or used as ingredients (Emu Oil? Are you fucking serious?) and keep us firmly in the poverty zone, more and more of us are going down the DIY route. And why not? I’m still going with my no-shampoo routine and I have to say I LIKE IT! I used to use La Casta, a Japanese brand of organic hair products and it brought me out in boils around my neck. Not a good look for anyone, I’d wager.

So, men, what I want to know from you is why you don’t take care of yourselves? What’s the deal with the “too macho to moisurise” schtick? If you are the kind to spend a fortune on gym membership because of your concern over the shape and t of your buns, which are inside your trousers most of the time anyway, why don’t you do the world a favour and take care of the skin on your faces? Get with the programme, already. Weleda’s After Shave Balm feels good and smells lovely, in a manly and grrr urban tiger way. In fact all their men products do.

Also, having recently bought Feed Your Skin by Carla Oates on Kindle, I’m (probably illegally) sharing a recipe with you here:

Actually, you can just use one of the oils and not use chamomile – I use apricot kernel oil from Ananda Apothecary, because they are Cool Dudes.  Feeding Your Skin is a simple and lovely book with tons of great recipes you can easily make at home. One of her ideas is to use yoghurt, milk or soy milk as a cleanser – you know, the stuff you usually drink – I’m slightly revulsed and yet strangely tempted. What I’d like to contest however is the book’s ubiquitous use of emulsifying wax, which in my experience is not strictly necessary, especially for heavier creams, such as my Winter Hands. (Shameless plug – get over it). 

Other products I adore:

Thayers’ witch hazel. The picture is of the unscented one, but I also like the rose scented, which is not sickly-sweet and rosey but in a slightly astringent (read: manly) way. This miracle product, my friends, is a moisturise, toner and cleanser all in one. “All in one!” I say.

 If you are not using my Daily Face Oil (I’m on a plugging roll today), the moisturiser to use is Dr. Hauschka’s Melissa Day Cream. This is made with real melissa oil – the most expensive essential oil available – which has a light, lemony scent and is therefore suitable for men. As with Weleda products, Dr. Hauschka products are biodynamic.

So you don’t want to splurge on Dr. Hauschka? Unless you are in the 1% bracket that the Occupy tribe protests against, probably you can’t afford it anyway. Use organic jojoba oil, neat. It has the same ph value and molecule size as human skin, so it’s easy to absorb and leaves your skin feeling lightly refreshed and moisturised. Pour a couple of drops into the palm of your hand, rub your palms together to warm and thin the oil, and apply to your skin in light pressing motions. There are several brands available, and please sniff before you buy as some of them (NOW brand, Melvita brand) smell like smoked cheese! I know that probably means they are better for you, more natural yada yada yada, but still… right? Online, the ones I like are from Ananda Apothecary and Aromantic.

What are your favourite “do it all” products and beauty hacks? Have you ever tried linseed (aka flaxseed) gel on your hair? Do you do no-poo? Share below:

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