Water Is Intelligent

What kind of water you drink and use?

http://www.mindpowermp3.com/Emoto-How-Music-Affects-Water-and-What-This-Means-to-Us.htmlI used to know an environmental lawyer who boiled his pasta in spring water. He knew more than the average boyo about environmental issues and refused point blank to use tap water for anything but having a bath – not in tea, not for rice, nothing. He was even toying with the idea of washing up in spring water when I last saw him. So is it time to panic about tap water yet?
Before we get all tied up in the pros and cons, whys and wherefores, let’s think a bit about the presence of water on this planet, and how unlikely that is, considering that no other planet that is known to man has this.

A biodynamic farm in New Zealand

Biodynamics is the study of life forces pioneered by Rudollf Steiner. According to this system, used by thousands of farmers across Europe – specifically France and Germany – water has an inherent intelligence. It’s true to say that nothing on Earth can live without water – it’s part of all life on Earth. This recent article from The Mind Unleashed Website discusses when water might have arrived on this planet:

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto spent his life demonstrating water’s sentience. Most notable are his experiments with ice crystals. In my previous post on this blog, Everything You Say Is An Affirmation, I went through the easy experiment to show how this is true.
Emaru’s crystal pictures remind me of this lifebuzz photo-essay on tears, which I thought was really beautiful, here’s one of their pictures now:
http://www.lifebuzz.com/tears/#!M1aAtBeyond the philosophising, meanwhile, let’s go back to the issue of how we get the water we drink. Should we drink bottled water, and risk contamination from polyurethane? Or can we trust tap water? It’s said that if you can get over the taste, tap water has the plus side of being in movement, which is a crucial advantage over bottled water from the point of view of “water health”. Many cities in the US have in fact recently banned the sale of drinks in plastic bottles
My recent strategy is to use a Brita water filter in my fridge and to use it to daily fill my soft and flexible Platypus water bottle. I have a 1 litre bottle and the water tastes great all day. The bottle fits flexibly into my handbag without making a big old bulge and it’s easy to clean and re-fill. In an ideal world, I’d be drinking water from this a-mazing item, a Water Egg. Find out about them at the Implosion Research Centre.



How do you drink water? Is this a serious issue for you? Do you agree with thousands of farmers across Europe that water might have it’s own intelligence? Comment on this post and share this post with friends.

PS: According to the water charity Water Aid, “the water and sanitation crisis is the second largest killer of children under five years old worldwide.” Why not make a monthly direct debit donation to this incredible charity?


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