What are you, five years old?


blood orange margarita

It’s been a long while since I last refused to eat my vegetables on the grounds that they are vegetables. Now we are adult and responsible for our own nutrition, there is no need to force yourself to sit at the table until you have eaten every. Single. Mouthful. of by-now cold rutabaga. I mean, the oranges in the margarita above qualify as a (kind of) vegetable, and that’s definitely on my “stuff I love to put in my mouth, chew and swallow” list.

And if eating (kind of) vegetables can be this fun, let’s get into the other pretty amazing benefits of this (kind of) food:

1. A mainly fruit and vegetable diet creates an alkaline environment that inhibits the growth of cancer cells.


“Foods can basically be divided into two groups: alkaline foods are mainly vegetables and fruit; and acid-forming foods are all animal products, including dairy, all grains, sugar, tea and coffee, and all manufactured beverages.

Happily, there is greater alkalinity in alkaline foods than acidity in acid-forming ones. So a little of both in a sensible balance is not necessarily a bad thing. But all the chemicals that now pollute our world—diesel and petrol fumes, the byproducts of industry, pesticides and food additives—all add to acidity.

The late German doctor Waltraut Fryda was convinced that all cancers are the result of chronic adrenaline (epinephrine) deficiency, caused by the constant ‘fight-or-flight’ stress of daily modern living. This keeps pumping sugar into the body’s cells, which gradually poisons them, making them more and more acidic—which favours the development of cancer.”


Breakfast Nachos

2. What’s more, fruit and vegetables contain anti-oxidants, that mop up the free radicals that cause cancer

“A free radical is an unstable, unpaired oxygen atom produced by normal metabolism. An oxygen atom has a central proton with two electrons, exactly opposite each other, spinning round it at phenomenal speed in perfect balance. When oxygen is used, it ‘loses’ one of those electrons and becomes unstable and wobbly—just like a free radical. In this state, these atoms rush around in a blind panic, trying to steal an electron from anywhere.

But Mother Nature also produced an antidote: antioxidants. In health, when a free radical is formed, it is immediately ‘quenched’ by an appropriate electron from an antioxidant. As antioxidants normally come almost exclusively from fruit and vegetables, a ‘correct’ diet is important. If your antioxidant intake is poor because of poor dietary choices, and you then add additional free radical production because of an unwise lifestyle, it’s easy to see how things can go wrong.”


Summer Rolls

3. And fruit and vegetables protect against fungi that cause cancer – yes, I said FUNGI:

“This notion [that fungi cause cancer] was popularized in 2007 by Italian oncologist Dr Tullio Simoncini, who believes that nearly all cancers involve an acid-forming fungus. He has simply injected sodium bicarbonate directly into tumours and caused their consequent demise.”

“Professor Gerry Potter, Professor of Pharmacy at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, discovered what he called ‘salvestrols’, chemicals that fruit and vegetables naturally produce to protect themselves against fungi. These salvestrols also have cancer-protective effects, but foods sprayed with antifungal chemicals don’t produce them. So when we humans eat such sprayed foods, we’re not getting these protective salvestrols.”


Kimchi Pancakes

Extracts from an article written by Dr. Patrick Kingsley who runs a successful medical practice curing cancer patients, on what he thinks are the 6 causes of cancer. If you want the full article, please use the comment form at the end of this post to drop me a line.

4. Eating mainly vegetables makes you into a pretty wonderful human being


Eating mainly fruit and vegetables in your diet needn’t be a pain in the tuchus, and it minimises this kind of situation for millions upon millions of factory farmed animals currently living in hell today.


Smashed potatoes with aoili and basil

So eat your freakin’ vegetables. What are you, five years old? Already.

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