What everyone should know about eating meat (it’s not what you thought)

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Why wait five years for a general election? As we saw in this blog post about the food industry, every time you open your wallet to shop for food, not only do you make essential choices for your body’s health, you also vote.

What to eat?

We now exist in a world of mass media that thrives on our addiction to food-faddism. If we are not urged to detox on wheatgrass shakes daily, then we are exhorted to be gluten-free, or go paleo, and the battle between meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters is set to run and run: from the wddty.com website we read about the relative health benefits of vegetarian and omnivorous diets. 

Currently the UK has the lowest intake of red meat in the European Union but one of the highest incidences of colorectal cancer. The four countries with the lowest mortality from colorectal cancer, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all have a higher intake of red meat. But they also have a much higher intake of protective fruits, vegetables and cereals. This suggests that increasing protective dietary factors may carry more weight than cutting out purported “causal” factors such as red meat (Nutri Bull, 1998; 23: 79-83). 



Ronald F Schmid details the lifestyles of three long living cultures: the Vilicamba of the Andes Mountains, in southern Ecuador; the Hunza people who live on the borders of China and Afghanistan; and the residents of Georgian Russia. What these cultures all have in common is an active and emotionally rewarding lifestyle and a hunter gatherer diet which consists of natural, seasonal and locally available foods, including meat. In these cultures, the chronic diseases which plague our civilised culture are unknown.” 

It’s not only the ingredients in your diet, it’s also how the food is produced, that counts towards keeping you healthy.

As we saw in the video in the previous blog post, mastitis in cows leads to pus in milk, and by extension butter, cheese and yoghurt, as well as whey powder and all other milk-derived food additives that you eat daily (in ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate etc.) if you are not strictly vegan. Mastitis is treated with antibiotics, so not only are you eating pus-filled food, you also get a dose of industrial-grade antibiotics, which have been linked to a spectrum of illnesses, including auto-immune diseases. What’s more, as this PETA article states:

If the bacteria, antibiotics, and hormones don’t take their toll in the short term, the build-up of dioxins from animal products could cause serious health problems in the long run. Dioxins are chemicals that are released into the environment when substances are burned, and they accumulate in animals’ flesh and milk. According to leading scientists and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 95 percent of our dioxin exposure comes in the concentrated form of meat, fish, and dairy products, because when we eat animal products, the dioxin that animals have built up in their bodies is absorbed into our own.”

Not only that, but the stress hormones released by intensively-farmed animals during their short and brutal lives, transportation to the abattoir and eventual slaughter, leads to a secretion of hormones that are still present in the meat as it is plated up and eaten:

“Studies made of domestic farm animals (cattle, pigs and poultry), and of laboratory animals (dogs and rats) show in all cases elevated levels of steroid hormones, generally associated with adrenocortical secretions. Primary substances include adrenalin, cortisone-like secretions, and steroids which stimulate fear pheromone production. All of these are known to result in poor health and poor vitality. This study confirms this link in food consumed by humans.”

Animal Stress Results In Meat Causing Disease. 

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Your fork as your ballot

For more info on which kind of meat to choose, read this article from the Huffington Post by Dr. Mercola. While the article is kind of annoying because it links to a page on the Dr. Mercola website that wants you to buy things, it also makes two important points: everyone has their own optimum diet based on their individual body type, and how to determine that. Also, it accurately states that if you choose to eat meat, you are effectively poisoning yourself by degrees if you don’t eat organic, humanely-reared meat, that comes from a pristine natural environment, as do the Hunza people. The article also explains why “your fork is your ballot”. Every single purchase we make, from the kind of meat we buy to the car we drive, or if we drive, is a political act that eventually, cumulatively, changes our world.

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