What Is Magic?

Me and Star, in the car.

Magic is the effect that you cause when you intend something to happen, and for no reason you can explain, it happens. For example, I saw a Volvo estate car, and I thought: “I need a car just like that, I can see myself with a car just like that.” And now I have one. I bought it for a song. I helped the process along in the real world, but essentially, it was a miracle. Without a miracle I would never have been able to afford that car. In the same way as Edie chanted for her Porsche in Ab Fab, you can basically get anything, if you make yourself believe it’s possible.

People do all sorts of things to make sure their magic will work. Types of magic I have used are:

Lying on the floor, crying, begging for help to any friendly spirits, and just having the faith that I was being heard. One month after a particularly fervent crying jag, my friend gave me a puppy, which saved my marriage and my son’s sanity.

Making a song called: “I’m flying home with my children for my mother’s 70th birthday,” which I sang for a week, and I darn-well flew home and partied with the rest of them.

I used Reiki to heal my friend’s multiple elbow fracture in 10 minutes. We were sitting on the roof of a department store. The next day, she went to hospital and the doctor couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the X-ray, having booked her in for reconstructive surgery the month previously.

Oh yes, and the car, but I’ve talked about that already.

You can work with the Law of Attraction, intense prayer, crystal grids, Tarot cards, affirmations, Shamanic drumming, Enochian Magick, Wiccan, Ritual, whatever gets you to believe that your action will beyond doubt be successful, and it will. That’s all there is to it. I have also spectacularly failed at magic, but then maybe I just didn’t really believe?

People do magic every day without knowing it and cause an effect they don’t want. If you believe you are ugly, stupid and boring, that’s what other people believe as well, and it becomes your world. If you don’t believe you are creative, you’re wrong. Your reality is your masterpiece, what you’ve been creating away like a Da Vinci beaver, all day, every day, since you were born.

The world is a mirror. Everything you see around you is a product of what you think about yourself. If you believe that you can nail any job interview, chances are you can. If you think your boss hates you and is going to sack you any minute, that will probably happen too.

So, if you want to change your reality you have to change your beliefs. It’s not enough to say to yourself: “I believe I can fly”, because you know that in reality you could hurt yourself really badly unless you are in a plane. You have to believe it in your marrow. In fact belief is not the right word, because belief implies that it’s a matter of opinion. You have to know it’s true, as though it were real already, a done deal.

How have you changed your reality? Your comments please.

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