What Is the Sixth Sense & How Do I Get It?

So first of all I want to say that I’m not psychic or necessarily all that intuitive. But I’m learning. I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of videos on YouTube, and basically I think the reason I’m not psychic after all these years and all the pages and videos I’ve read and watched through is that I don’t practice enough. According to my absolute guru, Tina Zion, practice is everything.

The way I understand it is that there are different kinds of extra-perceptory senses:

  • seeing – when you “see” auras with your physical eyes
  • inner eye seeing – when you have images that you know are not seen with your physical eyes, but you perceive the image
  • hearing
  • physical feeling
  • emotional feeling
  • taste
  • knowing without words or other perception
  • smell
  • symbol reading – this last one would be something like: you see a feather in the road on your way to work and you know angels are following you all day, because something intense is coming your way.

We all have different senses that are enhanced to a varying degree. You could have amazing eyesight but be hard of hearing, for example. We can boost our senses in different ways. For example, we can do eye exercises to work on our seeing. You can dramatically reduce your need to wear glasses by doing this. In a future blog post I’ll review Ted Andrews’ book Learn To See And Read The Aura and explain how to do this.

For hearing, a good way to practice is like this:

  1. Get really comfortable and relaxed, lie down and make sure you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.
  2. Relax to steady your breath and heartbeat.
  3. Start listening to the sounds around you, beginning with the room you are in. Can you hear a computer whirring? Can you hear a fly buzzing? What can you hear in the room?
  4. Now expand your listening, and listen to the sounds outside your room and in your house. Are there people talking, watching the telly, cooking? Can you tell what they are doing by the sounds they are making?
  5. Take your hearing outside. What are the sounds outside your window like? Can you hear birds? Cars? People? Pick out the individual sounds and list them.
  6. Take your hearing further even. What distant sounds can you hear? An aeroplane? A siren? How far away can you hear?
  7. Now come back into your room and listen to the sound of your breathing. Can you hear your heartbeat? Are you really hearing it, or are you feeling it? What other sounds can you hear your body making?
  8. Listen to the different parts of your body, even if they are not making any sounds. Listen to your brain, your eyes, nose, tongue, mouth, neck, throat and so on. Work your way down your body until you get to your toes. What did you hear?
  9. Now listen with your whole body, if you can imagine it. Imagine your whole body is listening, to the sound it is making, to the sounds in your room, in your house, in the street, beyond.

The above exercise is from Le Guide de la Voyance by Marie Delclos.

Don’t strain any of this. Spend 2 – 5 minutes on each step at the most. Relax and enjoy the process.

So we can spend time, preferably every day, preferably at least once, enhancing our senses, any of our senses. At first, you don’t see any improvement at all. For example, if you are working on seeing auras, at first you see something you think as light, possibly flickering around someone’s head, but you’re not sure. Then, little by little ,that becomes consistent, and then you start seeing colours, only a little at first, then it carries on from there.

I suggest you choose to work on a specific sense that you would like to enhance. You could begin with working on a sense that is already very well developed in you. Then you might want to carry on with a sense that is less well developed, so that in the end you can have “6th sense” perception from all different senses, depending on which is most appropriate.

So why not start developing your extra-perceptory senses today? There are many books and videos that will help you. Check on my Books page if you want my recommendations.

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