Why Do Healers Get Ill & Die?

The last 5 years has seen the death toll of holistic healers and naturopaths in the US skyrocket.

These were mostly violent deaths, staged to look like suicide, but often with telltale blunders, such as the holistic doctor who supposedly shot himself in the head twice, and the healer who drowned himself, even though he was actively and vocally anti-suicide. Read about it here:


The killing of traditional shaman in South America is also on the rise, probably due to leading communities against logging companies. Here’s an article about that:


The healer Ted Andrews died very suddenly aged 57:


and the AIDS medication researcher Candace Pert died of a heart attack while in peak health aged 67: 


Less than a year after her death, flight MH17, the plane that was shot down on its way to Kuala Lumpur and carrying over 100 AIDS researchers, crashed, killing everyone on board.


Conspiracy theories aside, why do healers and shaman die?

  • Usui Mikao, the founder of Reiki, died at 60 years old. He had previously twice healed himself of a stroke.
  • Jesus of Nazarerh died at about 33 years old.
  • Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) passed away at about 60.
  • The Buddha of our age, Buddha Sidhartha Shakyamuni about died aged about 80.

Our bodies are not made to last forever. Compared with other animals, we only have very few instincts: to be loved, to reproduce, to avoid pain and death. We avoid death and fear it. And yet channellers say that the place beyond is nothing to be feared.

Very creative people die young, David Bowie and Van Gogh, for example. It’s as if we have a certain amount of life or energy and when it’s used up we have to go. We have fulfilled our missions and lives to our full potential.

Psychics like Rudolph Steiner and Barbara Brennan say that we are here to fulfil a mission, each person is made incarnate in order to lean a lesson, such as how to be loved, how to control or be controlled, how and when to exercise mercy, etc. When we have fulfilled our duty we go back to the other place. The idea of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that most cultures have says that disincarnate beings help us to make the right choices. Disincarnate Spirit Guides also have a duty or lesson, as much as we do. We have the advantage of being temporarily in a physical body, the better to achieve what we are here to do.

So my current theory is that healers and shaman, people who channel and interface between the worlds of Spirit and this mortal coil, use up their life force more quickly, and fulfil their life’s mission more quickly. It’s true that when I invoke very mighty entities like Archangel Michael I certainly feel a heavy physical impact on my body.

Taking that idea to its logical conclusion, you might think that the less you help people the longer you live. But maybe by being a recalcitrant bastard you are teaching someone the core virtue of tolerance and acceptance, in which case you have totally fulfilled your brief here on earth. Sorry about that. Roll your sleeves up and get back to work!

In cultures that still have a shamanic tradition, some people are called to the work but refuse to take it up. Usually, it’s said, the Spirit world insists, through a series of accidents and illnesses, and eventually the unwilling acolyte is forced to capitulate.

What is healing? What does it mean to heal?

Healing does not necessarily mean curing or making better. It’s interesting that the word heal has the same root as the word whole, and many healers say that their job is to make people whole. As a healer I align people with their true purpose, whatever that could be.

In my next video, I talk about whether healers are born or made, whether you can choose that life path, or whether it’s thrust upon you whether you will or no.

Until then, I hope.

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